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Suburbicon is a comedy genre film of 2017, directed by George Clooney, with Matt Damon and Oscar Isaac.
The dark comic drama coordinated by George Clooney on an old Coen siblings story is set in Suburbicon, a calm suburb of the 1950s, made of lined houses and well-kept greenery enclosures, wheelchairs, eyeglasses and secured collars, practically as much as its tenants. The most secured of all is the hero Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon), a fair and respectable man who lives with his family in one of the pastel houses worked with stencil. His tranquil presence is toppled by a fierce infringement of his house, and after that, by finding a similar gradualness and placidity in investigative exercises, he will choose to do equity alone. The noble man, devoured by shakedown and retribution, is the first to uncover the cover of traditionalism and bad faith that shrouds the meschiness of the fringe and of human instinct. In the cast likewise Julianne Moore, Josh Brolin and Oscar Isaac.

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